Why Costume Designers Are Awesome

Costume Designers

Considering many great cosplays come from them, I figured it was time to give credit to the costume designers of the world. The people whose job it is to come up with the clothing that some of our favorite characters wear. They get not enough appreciation. Costume designers are way more than just the people […]

Comic-Con Whenever You Want!

Comic Con

Comic-Con Is Finally Here, If A Little Different Than Before The recent global pandemic may have shut down in-person conventions, but that will not stop nerds from getting together—so to speak—to discuss these wonderful hobbies and passions of ours. It certainly will not stop the illustrious Comic-Con! And it didn’t. Professionals and creatives of all […]

Top 5 Video Games To Cosplay

video games

Especially recently, it’s been a great time to get into video games and play some of your favorites. But, for cosplayers, there may be even more to do. Video game characters, by the nature of design, often have amazing outfits. So, with that idea in mind, let’s go over five video games/franchises with amazing looking […]

How To Cosplay During COVID


For the time being, there are no cons. No meetups; no expos. For cosplayers, the hobby they so love is currently being inhibited—but it’s not dead. No, cosplay shall rise again. But, in the meantime, should you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands and want to keep doing your favorite hobby, […]

3 Unique Types of Cosplays Sure To Turn Heads


Cosplaying is a creative and fun activity, so why not try something a little more mischievous than usual? Today, we are going to look at something silly, imaginative, and sure to make an impression: unconventional cosplays. These are three types of categories so off the beaten path, they’re on the other side of the woods. […]

5 Cosplays For Nerdy Couples (And Why To Pick Them)


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and what could help bring a couple together quite like wearing matching costumes!? Throughout fiction we’ve seen plenty of interesting and fun couples, so let’s go over 5 of them—and you and your significant other can decide if one is right for you. Mike Wazowski & Celia Mae: A […]

Top 5 Cosplay Choices for January 2020


Every so often a new show comes out that demands to be cosplayed. Only, it’s never just one, is it? We are getting so many new great shows with amazing costumes that why would you ever stop at one? So, in a new periodic series, let’s look at five characters to cosplay. Mando The Mandalorian […]