Cosplay Care: Top Four Snacks For Cosplaying

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Cosplaying While Hungry Is Not Going To Be A Very Fun Time

Cosplaying can be hungry work. So, in this entry of Cosplay Care, we’ll look at a problem that comes hand in hand with dehydration: feeding a cosplayer. The food available at a convention center, or at nearby restaurants, are not necessarily going to be suited well to high-energy days of walking around. If outside food is allowed at the con you’re attending, making sure you have snacks on hand is a must.

So, to help you with your next con-going experience, here are four foods to consider. Each is portable, keeps mostly without refrigeration, and is tasty enough to not get boring during a day or two.

  • Beef/Turkey/Bacon Jerky! 

With its high protein count and variety of meat and flavor options—plus already handily packaged—this is a solid choice that’ll help even with extreme hunger. Just chew it slowly enough: choking on beef jerky is no one’s idea of fun.

  • Carrots!

For vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike, these are a great choice. They also give you actual vegetables, which, let’s face it, are not always easily obtained at these sorts of events.   

  • Crackers!

Eat with water or you’ll have more thirst issues, but these carbs are good for longer-term energy. They also can come in a few flavors or ingredient styles. Do be careful not to get crumbs on your cosplay, though.

  • Dried fruit!

Pick your favorite here. Mangoes and cranberries are solid options. They might be high in sugar, but for a day or two, especially if you’re bouncing around at a convention, the rush might be useful. Plus, dried fruit is always delicious.

And those are just a few suggestions. Do be considerate of others around you and that someone nearby might have allergies. Peanuts and strong-smelling foods are a no-go. The main goal here is to have foods easy to eat, quick to snack on, and to keep you energetic and satiated. That’ll make sure you have a great time at your next convention.