The Best Couple Cosplay of 2021

Couple's Cosplay

In 2021, a new couple’s cosplay resurged on the scene. Within only a little time, their hit show rose, and at the center of it an adorable pair. I’m of course talking about Wanda and Vision. The super-powerful reality warper and the android with one of the most powerful items in the universe in his head.

Now, with recent episodes (Spoilers Ahead!) there’s a lot of darkness nestled into the plot. Things are not objectively going well for our heroes. But both have amazing costumes with a few fun variants that are worth trying.

For those who want to be Wanda, there’s her outfit from <em>Age of Ultron</em> and her more standard costume in WandaVision. But besides that, there’s Wanda’s Halloween devil costume that still feels uniquely hers. You could even do her old-fashioned housewife getup.

And then there’s Vision. His actual form is complicated, interesting, and can also be a great way to play with foam. Figuring out how to put the Mind Stone into the forehead is a challenge, but there’s one even better. For the experienced cosplayer, you can try to double-layer his Halloween costume or generic husband outfit over his robotic skin.

The mixing and matching options are endless and can work for all sorts of couples that want to try it. Just be sure not to accidentally make yourself a small pocket dimension. That’s taking cosplay a little far—though it would be rather impressive.