Cosplay Care: Heat Exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion

Don’t Let Costume Heat Exhaustion Prevent Your Cosplay Fun

Cosplaying can be physically demanding. It’s an art form that sometimes takes a lot out of a person during a day. So, to help cosplayers and friends of cosplayers have as much safe fun as possible, we’ll be doing a mini-series for a little while. It’ll cover a few things to account for when going out in costume.

And we’ll start with one that should be familiar to anyone cosplaying during summer: heat exhaustion.

If your costume is heavy, skintight, or consisting of a lot of thicker material, then you’ll build up warmth.

And this can be dangerous if you do nothing about it. Some of the initial warning signs are that you’ll feel paradoxically cooler than you should, feel dizzy or lightheaded, or become rapidly sleepy. 

That’s your internal systems getting overheated. 

Now, yes, most in-door cons will have air conditioning, but that’s rarely going to cut it when you’re sweating buckets. Full-body suits are on another level.

So, what can you do about it? Well, there are a few easier solutions to keep your body cool enough.

The first is water or other refreshing liquids. That plus electrolytes and minerals will replenish what you’re losing through sweat. If your lips get dry, or you feel any bit thirsty, just have water. Have more available and drink more than you think you’ll need.

The second is more involved and should be planned for before leaving your house. It may take a little away from the illusion of cosplay—but always have a solution for taking off the costume. A change of clothes, some removable part, something that allows you outside air. If you feel you’ll bake inside the cosplay, then have an escape hatch—literally or figuratively. Your health is more important.

Third, and our final bit of advice for now, is to keep stock of your own body. You might be cosplaying a very energetic character, but if you feel off, take a break. Don’t overexert. If you need to sit somewhere shady and chill for a bit, then do so.

Cosplaying is supposed to be a lot of fun—and heat exhaustion will not only stop that fun, but it may seriously affect your health. It’s sometimes hard to spot as it’s happening but can have a strong and rapid effect. 

So, keep yourself cool, and hydrated, and you’ll have a better cosplaying experience. It’s that simple.