5 Scorching Cosplays For Summer

Depending on where you live, you might be feeling the summer heat. The days will be long and full of bright, bright sun. So, what better time than now to cosplay as a character that uses fire? Who hasn’t imagined spewing red-hot blazes from their fingers or propelling themselves with rocket jets from their feet or hands? 

Ready and warmed up? Here are five fire-powered characters to start your path of the flame:


SummerTwo people in one, this hero has all the classic fire powers and can fly. His costume has been proven to work in live-action with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series, so there’s an easy template to start the process.


Up to you if you want the modern version with her less flashy garb, or the original animated version. But regardless of which fairy you choose, Blossom is a powerful flame user and one-fifth of an iconic group cosplay. 



How could we not mention Avatar: The Last Airbender? Zuko has one of the best-written redemption stories in fiction, and he’s just awesome. Get some makeup out and work on that burn. When you’re done, practice a few Northern Shaolin moves (the martial art that inspired Firebending.)

Hades (Disney Version)


This one is perhaps a stretch, but the classic character voiced wonderfully by James Wood has a head that’s on fire. He’s also no stranger to a burst of blue destruction when he gets mad. He’s often cosplayed for a reason: he’s iconic. If you want a couple’s cosplay, there’s a canon design for Persephone in the Hercules style. 

Flame Princess

Potential couple cosplay with someone dressed as Finn, perhaps? Flame Princess is a fiery Adventure Time character with flame powers and an awesome crown. If you want a flowing dress or sick red and black armor, she’s an incredible choice for cosplaying.

And those are five blazing options, full of sparks and embers. It’s time to beat the heat and look cool.