Top 5 Easiest Doctor Who Alien Cosplays

Doctor Who

With the new season/series of Doctor Who releasing, it seems like as good a time as any to go over how amazing Doctor Who is for cosplaying. Because the series almost always uses humanoids for its species and has almost always been working from a fairly limited set of options, its designs are perfect for the average cosplayer.

5 Melting Cosplays For This Brutal Summer


It’s hot outside. We’re in the depth of summer, and the heat is beating down. And there’s nothing much to do about it day-to-day except keep cool, drink water, and stay out of direct sunlight. But we can have a little fun with it—a little morbid humor.

5 Iconic Video Game Enemies To Cosplay


If you’ve gamed for a long time, you’ve likely come across many unique, powerful, and terrifying enemies—and then defeated them. And a lot of design and artistic work went into that experience. It takes a lot of skill to create visually memorable monsters and aliens that stick in the mind long after you’ve finished mopping the floor with them.