Animorph Aliens You Should Morph Into With Cosplay

Animorphs Tiger

Animorphs 1

Since there might be an upcoming movie, I think it’s time to create a very 90s cosplay. There’s a fandom long in the background; a fandom in need of new meat on the creative bone.

I’m talking Animorphs.

The insanely dark, morally challenging YA series about teenagers trying to defeat an army of alien slugs that take over human minds. A series best known by those who have not read it as those books with children slowly morphing into an animal on the covers.

But, for a cosplayer’s purposes, it’s a series full of half-human, half-animal prosthetic tricks and a salvo of unique and wild-looking alien species. I’m talking stuff that would require just as much work and talent as anything from Mass Effect or Halo.

As a small sample of things to recreate, we have:


Animorphs 3

The foam or similar materials needed to even attempt the blades would make for an impressive build.










Animorphs 5

 This cosplay will require some serious commitment and maybe even some minor mechanical trickery to get all the moving parts to look decent.









Animorphs 4

Honestly, anyone that can do this cosplay is impressive in my book. Not only would this cosplay require planning to move around in, but it would take some creativity to make sure all the pieces don’t fall off the costume.








Animorphs 2

The Ellimist is a god being that can look like almost anything, but the few times he’s like the picture. Think Q, but less whimsical.

And, again, that’s a short list. Animorphs is full of amazing creatures and impactful ideas. I’m expecting another resurgence of the fandom soon, so you might as well get on it now.