Welcome Heroes.

We are fans of comics, cosplay, gaming and more. If you are too, then we think you’ll love Bamware™ – everyday fashion for the hero in you.

We’re three generations of pop culture fans – mother, daughter & grams. We design and/or hand pick everything you see here.

We love super heroes, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, anime and cosplay.

We put a lot of care and love into every item you see on our site. We ask, “would I wear this?”, “what would we like to wear?”, or, “who would this look great on?”, for every item on our site. And we DO wear these items all the time – except not the actual ones you’re getting ;-). But I digress.

Basically we noticed that while there are tons of places to get logo tees, costumes and even wigs and makeup, there was really no pop-culture FASHION. By this we mean things you could wear every day with pop culture themes, but that would make a fashion statement, not just show off a logo.

Enter Bamware™. Style that unleashes your inner hero.

We came up with the idea while researching and realized we could design, curate and create clothing and accessories that would appeal to people who were just like us.

Here’s what you can expect from us in the coming months.

We’re starting small because we’re new. So don’t expect a ton of products to begin with, though we do plan to increase our offerings as we go.

What you will find is unique fashion t-shirts with our own original designs and carefully curated accessories, starting with sunglasses and gaming glasses.

That may sound boring, but trust us, we’re artists and have been designing since we were kids (and one of us is a kid – oh who am I kidding, we’re all a bunch of kids). Anyway, you won’t be bored. “Promise” – The Flash.

Expect lots unusual style with sprinkles of “wow-factor” in our offerings. Things that will make people ask you where you got them. 😉

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get launch discount coupons, special announcements, freebies and other cool stuff.

This is going to be fun!

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