Top 5 Easiest Doctor Who Alien Cosplays

Doctor Who

With the new season/series of Doctor Who releasing, it seems like as good a time as any to go over how amazing Doctor Who is for cosplaying. Because the series almost always uses humanoids for its species and has almost always been working from a fairly limited set of options, its designs are perfect for the average cosplayer.

5 Melting Cosplays For This Brutal Summer


It’s hot outside. We’re in the depth of summer, and the heat is beating down. And there’s nothing much to do about it day-to-day except keep cool, drink water, and stay out of direct sunlight. But we can have a little fun with it—a little morbid humor.

How To Make Your Halloween Cosplay More Terrifying


Halloween is almost upon us. A time when costumes are not only expected but practically mandated. A time when a cosplayer has infinite opportunities to show off. There’s always a place where other like-minded partiers would deeply enjoy the craft of spookiness.

Five Christmas Characters To Cosplay That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before

Obscure Christmas 6

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday was chaotic as always, and now it’s officially time to get into the Christmas season. And while it’s feasible to make any cosplay Christmas-themed (a red and white hat works for almost anyone), let’s talk about some Christmas characters that don’t get as much love.

How To Cosplay During COVID


For the time being, there are no cons. No meetups; no expos. For cosplayers, the hobby they so love is currently being inhibited—but it’s not dead. No, cosplay shall rise again. But, in the meantime, should you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands and want to keep doing your favorite hobby, […]