4 Party Cosplays For The End of 2020


2020 has been quite a year… to say the least. But it’s almost over now—and that’s worth celebrating with a party. Though, yes, real-life parties aren’t an option, we can still dress up, get on a video chat with friends, and show off wonderful costumes.

So, in no particular order, here are four cosplays of party animals!


Party Cosplay 1

No one throws a party like Gatsby! If you want a roaring 20’s flare, then there’s not a more iconic character than Jay Gatsby. Personally, of all the versions I’ve seen of the suit, Leonardo DiCaprio’s outfit was the best, and the most fun to recreate.

Bilbo Baggins

Party Cosplay 2

Hobbits know how to throw a good party, just ask Bilbo! His birthday bash is one of the most important in fiction: it starts one of the grandest adventures ever told. So, get yourself some rustic clothes, and be sure to make fake fur for your feet!


Hercules Animated 4

Up to your personal taste which version you want to pick (I’d love to see someone make the Hercules design work in real life), but you can’t go wrong with essentially the god of parties. Just be sure—if you are old enough to drink—to be responsible about it and not stray into any bacchanal territory.

The Mad Hatter

Party Cosplay 3

With how crazy this year has been, perhaps this is the most appropriate of all the choices. A tea party is certainly a party, and one that you can have in the comfort of your own home. Get your strangest, most colorful outfit ready for a night, and then mix a few different teas and gather some biscuits. Don’t worry, Time won’t freeze you in a perpetual party… we think.

And that’s our picks for best partying cosplay. We hope that you have a fun (and safe) New Year’s Eve and that the next year is a better one for everybody.