We Get To Be Cartoon Characters!

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As a child of the ’90s, I can say with some certainty that many, many people spent their childhood wishing they could be a cartoon character. And, though the physics involved will never let us stretch or bounce like a creature of pure animation, we can dress like them. 

We can wear their outfits, no matter how outlandish.

That’s both the beauty and the power of cosplay. With enough skill, cartoons, both anime and otherwise, can spring into reality. The massive armor of Alfonse Elric can move in the real world. Ryuk can eat Earth apples—and hopefully not do much else! And, on the goofier side of things, Shrek can emerge from his swamp for a round of meet-and-greets, and KND operatives can fight adult tyranny with their 2×4 Technology. The worlds so many talented people made real can be realized in physical spaces, with the wonderful outfits their creations wear.

So, if you, reader, want to be a character from your childhood, then go for it. Be Velma, Spike Spiegel, Kim Possible, Tutenstein, or Captain Planet. The sky and other dimensions are the limit.