Bookworms Have Awesome Cosplay Options


Bookworms Know Of So Many Amazing Characters To Cosplay

Do you want to cosplay more, but none of the usual characters appeal to you? Well, there’s a whole other medium of art perfect for cosplaying—and it feels more and more like it’s getting attention.

From cosplaying as Dalinar or Kaladin from Brandon Sanderson’s epic Stormlight Archives to Murtagh from Christopher Paolini’s book of the same name, books are a lesser-explored option for costume ideas. These characters that we might spend hundreds of hours with while reading can obviously have just as personal a connection—if not more. And, by extension, are perfect for cosplaying.

They also offer an interesting creative space. Though cover art does sometimes tell us a little about how a character looks, most books are vague enough for the intrepid cosplayer to try out different interpretations. How you picture a character is just as valid as anyone else who’s read those passages.

And if someone does recognize you, imagine how cool that would be? Cosplaying can create friendships. They signal to the world that you’re in a fandom—and many amazing friendships have been forged from fandom. Liking the same book series is just as exciting as liking the same shows or movies.

So, my fellow bookworms, what are you waiting for? All those fantasy and science fiction books you love might just have a whole world of cosplay options.