Top 5 New Who Doctor Costumes

The Doctor

We’re about to travel into 2024. That makes us time travelers! Okay, no, it doesn’t, but that’s more fun than thinking about aging, isn’t it?

In fact, I think we can combine both ideas and focus on my personal favorite time traveler who also doesn’t age in the same way that we do: The Doctor.

Cosplaying as The Doctor is not a new idea by any stretch, but it’s a classic for a reason. They have so many looks you can adapt for your own purposes. There are so many, in fact, that I propose a classic top-five list to go over all of them. I’ll be limiting myself to New Who because that’s where I started my journey, and I won’t limit things to only their standard outfits. If The Doctor wore it in an episode, it’s totally fair game (hats alone do not count.)

The 15th Doctor’s Outfit

The Doctor 4

Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor only just got their premiere episode on Christmas day, but I love their outfit so much it’s going on the list. The colors, the layers, the way it moves when they’re running across the rooftops—it’s another great costume decision from the Doctor Who team. As you’ll see on this list, I am a sucker for a big coat/jacket, and this is one of the best big jackets in the show.

The War Doctor’s Outfit

The Doctor 2

John Hurt did such a good job in his episode, and he totally looked the part. This outfit is a perfect transition to the 9th Doctor’s, with the heavy leather jacket and a general grungy look. I can easily imagine The Doctor flying a spaceship and dogfighting Daleks in this getup.

The 13th Doctor’s Steampunk Outfit

The Doctor 5 1

I wish Jodie Whittaker’s version of The Doctor got to wear goggles and an apron more often. It makes The Doctor look like a steampunk scientist who spends all of their time inventing. The Doctor has always had a fondness for gadgets and reworking machinery, and this outfit really brings out that part of their personality.

The 12th Doctor’s Rockstar Outfit

The Doctor 3.5

I don’t like the idea of Sonic Sunglasses. That’s silly. But the whole getup works so well for Peter Capaldi’s version of The Doctor. They are a traveler. A person who shows up, does their thing, and then leaves—and that’s similar to a musician. A new city (planet) and a new show (adventure) every week.

The Red Space Suit

The Doctor

This suit has been worn by most, if not all, of the New Who Doctors at some point, but its most iconic outing is the episode The Waters of Mars, and I think it’s because of how imposing The Doctor looks in it. Sure, a lot of my fondness for the spacesuit is tied to the episode having such a tense plot, but it’s still a great cosplay option that’s instantly recognizable.