Top 4 Most Difficult Doctor Who Alien Cosplays

Doctor Who

Ready For Some Really Difficult Doctor Who Cosplay Options?

Last year, we did a list of five easy-to-cosplay aliens from Doctor Who. But some people like difficult cosplays. So, we’re revisiting this topic, but a little differently. I’ve found four quite complex aliens from New Who. Like, these are intense. I didn’t include any aliens that seem basically impossible without CGI or anything—these are all theoretically feasible—but they will likely require full-body suits, makeup, and more to achieve.

The Fisher King

The Fisher King

I cannot recall almost anything about this episode except for The Fisher King’s design. But it is quite the design. The Fisher King is so tall you might need to use stilts and is covered in complex bone armor.


Yes, you can just do the helmet—but the real challenge is committing to the makeup, prosthetics, and crafting it would take to cosplay their muscular faces. A hinged bone helmet with eye holes is going to take some time to build, and then there’s the outfit. Sycorax soldiers wear cloaks and jewelry. There’s just a ton of detail.

The Teller

The Teller

The alien guard for an alien bank. This is truly a complicated cosplay to pull off. The stalk eyes alone are difficult. If you wanted to do a group cosplay—and make this even more impressive—the robot guards for The Teller aren’t easy, either.

Wrarth Warriors

Wrarth Warrior

By far the most recent aliens on this list, showing up in “The Star Beast,” these are a challenge. They are so tall you need stilts, have such an alien mouth you’d need a mask, and have a completely different body—so there’s a suit as well. The fact the actors could even move in the show is a miracle.

And those are, by my count, some of the most difficult—but feasible—alien cosplays in all of New Who. Each of them would require hours and hours of effort to make. Lots of commitment. But they would be spectacular cosplays. So, for those who like the challenge, I’d say it’s time to get crafting.