Why Costume Designers Are Awesome

Costume Designers

Considering many great cosplays come from them, I figured it was time to give credit to the costume designers of the world. The people whose job it is to come up with the clothing that some of our favorite characters wear.

They get not enough appreciation.

Costume designers are way more than just the people who deal with period-appropriate outfits for things like Downton Abbey or that one episode of Sherlock. They are more than the people who figure out uniforms for science fiction armies.

They are responsible for some of the most iconic outfits we cosplay today.

Costume Designers

Someone had to take the wildly impractical ensembles of the comic book versions of Thor, Deadpool, Spiderman, and so many others and make them work as real-world outfits. Outfits that not only look good but that someone can perform in and semi-comfortably wear.

From the absurdly complicated clothing in Pirates of the Caribbean, to The Addams Family’s goth aesthetic, or The Fifth Element’s outlandish garb, these hardworking people create wonderful designs.

They are, in a real sense, the original cosplay creators.

And I want them to know they’re appreciated. They are a real part of making dreams appear on screen.

Thank you so much, costume designers!