A New Year For Cosplay

New Years

Because cosplay is such a high activity form of artwork, it’s helpful to have some semblance of a goal regarding it. It’s not an accident if someone ends up with a detailed Fortnight costume, after all. And, since it’s almost a new year, it seems only fitting to ask yourself this, dear cosplayer: what do you want to make next year? What do you want to do with your creation once you make something?

What might you declare as a New Year’s cosplay resolution?

Well, if you don’t have one, may we suggest a few options? Three potential goals worth pursuing.

1.) “I want to make x costumes”

New Year

Practicing at a craft requires trying more and more complex constructions. After thirty unique creations, you might be on a level of competence that you could consider working in a related industry. On the smaller side, finally finishing a costume you’ve always wanted to make, even if it’s just one this new year, is a worthy goal.

2.) “I want to go to x conventions”

New Year

Though cosplay is something that can be done in the privacy of one’s own home, a lot of cosplayers would likely prefer a grander stage. Though it can be expensive, budgets can be made, and maybe a few cons went to over a year. It’s best to plan these sorts of things ahead of time, and it’s also good to have a goal for it in mind before you start planning.

3.) “I want to learn how to make/work with/build x”

New Year

An odd type of plastic? A cloth type you’ve never sewn before. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to work with some kind of software that makes 3D models. Why not start on that now? It’s a new year, after all! Why not make a resolution to add one new major thing to your toolkit? Like any artist, the more tricks you have, the better the things you can make will be. Seek to improve and the results are often spectacular.


Do any of these seem like good goals? Do you have some already? There’s no time like the present to get things done and be an even better cosplayer than you already are.