The Dragon Con Is Coming

Dragon Con

In a dragon’s lair, what do you find? Beneath that great sleeping beast of legend, what might it guard? Well, you don’t need a sword to get treasure from a different dragon. No need to risk being burned alive if you simply have time, cash, and a way to travel.

Starting on August 29th, there’s a Dragon Con to go meet.

At its feet, what treasures, what merchandise, what magic will you discover?

And, perhaps the most important question of all: what will you wear!?

Dragon Con is perhaps second only to Comic-Con in attendance and in cosplaying—and if you’re a cosplayer, you better be ready to strut your stuff along with hundreds of creators, fans, artists, and all the others who love media and games and just this wonderful nerdy world we all get to be a part of now.

Will you choose to go as a new character or honor an old one? Endgame just happened, that’s plenty of options by itself.

Atlanta is calling our names. If you can, you owe it to yourself to attend.

Even if you can’t, there’s always next year. And, honestly, for these sorts of events, there’s no harm in preparing early.