Top 5 Cosplay Choices for January 2020


Every so often a new show comes out that demands to be cosplayed. Only, it’s never just one, is it? We are getting so many new great shows with amazing costumes that why would you ever stop at one? So, in a new periodic series, let’s look at five characters to cosplay.



The Mandalorian has a large armor suit that’s also made to be lightweight. It’s a challenge to create properly and get it built in a way that will be comfortable to walk around a convention. Furthermore, you need to solve the problem of a helmet that you can see out of—but, if you manage it, you’ll be instantly recognizable and get to carry around a Baby Yoda toy. And that alone is worth the effort.



This one is already seeing some amazing work done. His glowing eyes are a wonderful addition if you can get the right contacts, and, once you’re in the costume, mumbling “hmm” is often the correct fandom choice when someone tells you something.



Though Watchmen might not be getting a new season, the iconic characters are iconic for a reason. If you think this dark, dark show should be allowed to get another season, perhaps show it some fandom love.




Alternatively, if you prefer a flatly evil character, you can go as the scary version of Superman. The Boys cast of superheroes may not be nice people—and that’s an understatement—but they do have complex costumes that look fun to create.



Black Widow


She’s getting her own movie! Finally! And she’s got an iconic costume to create. Though the usual fabrics to make something skintight like that surely cannot breathe easily, making a version of it that can be worn for long periods of time sounds like the perfect challenge for a cosplayer. And, unlike some other costumes, there’s bound to be a lot of support on how to go about it—as she’s been popular for a long time.


Interested in any of these five? Each one is a unique challenge and a unique choice. There’s always going to be new cool characters to cosplay, so come back soon for another top five list.