How To Make Your Halloween Cosplay More Terrifying


A Simple Addition Might Make Your Halloween A Lot More Fun

Halloween is almost upon us. A time when costumes are not only expected but practically mandated. A time when a cosplayer has infinite opportunities to show off. There’s always a place where other like-minded partiers would deeply enjoy the craft of spookiness.

But if you are readying for the big night, don’t settle for an unadorned ghoul. There’s a way to take any spooky costume to the next level, and it won’t add too much prep time.

Because, as any entrenched horror movie fan will tell you, practical effects make the monster. Makeup makes the monster. And it’s not only professionals who can demon-up a face for dramatic effect; even normal cosplayers can add a few gory or gristly additions.


You Don’t Have To Be A Master Of Halloween Makeup To Scare

Pre-made fake blood, for instance, is readily available. Skin-safe adhesive and paint (or makeup) can let you “warp” the dimensions of your face with perspective tricks and false layers. If you don’t think you’re up to the task working alone, tutorials and articles on the proper application are extremely easy to find. After only a few online videos and with some practice, you can make startlingly realistic fake cuts, bruises, open wounds, or even things like an arrow “through” the neck. Or, to go more PG, you can do alien slime or creepy clown makeup with similar steps.

And if you take such a creation to a place—either physical or digital—celebrating Halloween, you could get a lot of positive attention. If it’s not too gruesome for your audience, people love a creative effect. This is the one time of the year when the bombastically creepy is expected. So, no matter if you’re going as a cat, vampire, or demon, don’t lose the chance to create something memorably, ghoulishly fun.

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