How To Avoid Catching A Case of The Con Flu

Con Flu

Longtime cosplayers don’t need to be told this, but, for the uninitiated, a “con flu” is the surprisingly common issue of someone getting sick right after they leave a convention. Though it’s not necessarily a flu: often the disease is an annoying cold with coughing and sneezing.

This likely happens because when you put that many people in one place for several days in close proximity then it’s easy for a virus or bacteria to spread.

But, now that you know that, you have a chance to protect yourself. At your first convention, especially if you’re going to both cosplay and interact with fans of your cosplay, you’ll want a way to stave off the con flu.

So, here are a few easy steps you can take.

Take Vitamins Before, During, and After

Con Flu

As with flu season, you’ll want to protect yourself by bolstering your immune system. Vitamins like C and D can help a person keep themselves well. Now, you know your own body better than us, as does your doctor, so don’t take anything you’re not supposed to, but, if it’s all right with everyone, make sure to get on a healthy regiment of vitamins before you leave for a convention.

Hand Sanitizer/Washing Your Hands

Con Flu

Like, use some decorum, don’t be rude with how you do it, but after you’re done interacting with someone, or multiple fans, disinfect yourself. Physical contact is an easy vector for disease.

Treat Yourself Well

Con Flu

The realities of going to a con, of traveling, might push someone to not get enough sleep, to not have a chance to eat a good meal. This is understandable, but, when possible, make sure to just stay generally healthy. The stronger your body, the more you can resist disease.

Make Sure You Recover

Con Flu

Similar to the above points, if you’re going to be doing the whole con experience and running around and standing a lot and such, then make sure once you’re home again you have a little time, maybe a weekend day or two, to sleep it off, to rest your muscles. That way, even if you do get the con flu, you’ll have time to get through it and get well again.

Going to a con is a magical experience, but you don’t have to pay for it with days spent blowing your nose and coughing up phlegm. If you’re careful, considerate of personal space, and practice general good hygiene, you have a good chance to avoid this common ailment and emerge from a con unscathed.