Top 5 Heroes With Iconic Items

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Character’s Items Are Sometimes A Large Part Of Their Design

For most characters’ visuals, their costume defines them. It’s the thing we think of instantly when we hear their names.

But, for a few characters, especially ones that have gone through many designs over the years, their weapons or items more often define their look.

This is so true in some cases that if you need a really easy cosplay, an appropriate T-shirt and some color coordination paired with the item are all it takes.

So, to honor these heroes, let’s go over five cosplays that heavily revolve around an accessory.



You probably saw this coming. Mjolnir is infinitely tied to Thor. He uses it to fly, fight, and channel lightning at various points. It’s also visually distinct with its large head and tiny handle. Guides online for replicating it are everywhere, so take a swing.

The Doctor

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Though not the only one to use a Sonic Screwdriver in canon, it’s so heavily tied with the Doctor that you can’t help but imagine them when you even hear the whirring sound. It’s iconic because it matches the show it’s from: able to do whatever vaguely science fiction magic is necessary for a fun plot. Each Doctor gets their own design, so you can pick your favorite. Or, if you want to go crafty, you can always make your own.

The Ghostbusters


The Ghostbusters outfits are just jumpsuits with nametags, but hand someone a PKE meter (the thing that detects ghosts) or the iconic Proton Pack, and the cosplay is easily identifiable. One of the big things that set the Ghostbusters apart in pop culture—at least to me—is that they don’t have powers. They’re just humans using advanced tools to take on the supernatural. So, it seems fitting they’re mostly visually defined by their car, scanners, and weapons.

Captain America

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If you go back and look at the comics, it’s wild how many variations of the costume there’s been. The star and general theme are a little more of a mainstay, but even that doesn’t always get featured. He didn’t even always have a circular shield! But, nowadays, that shield is so ingrained into our collective memory that seeing it makes you think of the whole character. Of all the items I’ve mentioned, it’s also the simplest to recreate.



Considering we barely see her (unless we point two portals at the right angle), I’d say Chell wins this list. If you investigate her character, she’s stubborn and knows binary, but the main way we know her is as a thorn in GLaDOS’ plans. And that she is an expert with the portal gun. The portal gun is striking, looking almost bug-like and organic, with its spindly claws and white carapace shell. It’s a tool we all wish we had and an item gamers are already trained to use.

And that’s the list! Weird magical/science fiction items are one of my favorite aspects of their associated genres, and it’s always a treat to see them show up in real life. The artisanship and dedication it takes to build them always reminds me of how cool nerd culture really is.

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