Time To Get Excited (And Prepared) For Halloween

Halloween Cosplay

Halloween And Cons Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Though Halloween has a longer history, they both are times to dress up as characters and creatures and explore aesthetics and personality through the medium of dress.

I mean, modern-day Halloween is just a countrywide horror convention, is it not? It’s when the macabre fandom comes out to play.

And that means you have the edge, cosplayer, you already know how to make awesome costumes. You know how to move around in heavy garb and make it look good.

So, in honor of the upcoming holiday, let’s go over some considerations you might need to have as you journey into Hallows’ Eve.

  • Candy Pockets

I don’t know whose idea it was to attempt to age restrict trick-or-treating. I’ve seen so many young adults get into it. Parents with kids, too, can have fun and free candy. But, if you’re doing it right, and making the rounds, you need enough space for all the candy. And, unless your costume happens to already require a sack or bag—or you’re Deadpool, in which case you can carry anything, and no one will blink an eye—you might want to consider hidden pockets or containers for your candy.

  • Temperature

This is not an indoor con. You’ll likely be outside, at least for a portion of the party. Now, the dedicated among us are likely already used to dealing with heat, or cold—but you’re likely going to be doing a lot more walking and standing around in less controlled environments. Make sure that your footwear can support your feet through the night, and that you aren’t in danger of passing out from heat exhaustion. And, though I feel like most cosplayers already think of this: make sure using the restroom isn’t a massive chore—because you might be dealing with portable bathrooms in low-light areas.

  • Mouth Covering/Masks

It’s a Halloween party—there’s likely going to be drinks and food. Don’t wear a mask or other covering that’s going to get stained or prevent you from eating. If you’re overheated, you need to be able to have water. This is not to say that you shouldn’t pick a character that wears a mask, that stops a lot of fun choices—but make sure the mask is easily removed and can at least be yanked up far enough on the face that you don’t get pizza sauce on the lower parts of it. You also don’t want food breath to be trapped in the mask with you for the whole night. That’s not a fun smell.

And that’s my advice. I know October just started, but you’ve got to be ready—Halloween only comes once a year, and this one could be great.