Alternative Halloween Offerings For 2019


Want To Give Something Different This Year’s Halloween?

Yes, yes, I know. Don’t flashback to when some old woman gave you toothbrushes for Halloween and you rolled your eyes the second she closed the door. I’m a child of trick-or-treating, I know that the goal is supposed to be gathering things delicious and fun to eat or trade.

But some people don’t want to give away only candy—that might be too easy, or not engage them creatively, or just want to offer something unique.


Now, before I begin with this, you need to remember that the packaging is one of the things about candy that makes it ideal—as you can check for tampering. Some of these ideas don’t allow that. So, use your discretion and be smart about what you do. Don’t be upset if someone, especially a parent, is distrustful of something you personally made.

Now, that caveat covered, let’s see what else you can do besides candy:

  1. Snack Mixes

I mean, throw in some chocolate or something, but a bag full of like raisins, pretzels, and dried/candied apple slices is arguably just as tasty as traditional candy. I would say you could include peanuts or cashews or something—but allergies are a real concern.

  1. Water/Soda

If someone has been walking around all night, they might be severely dehydrated. So, having water, if only for the parents, is just a kind thing to do. As for the kids, cans or sealed bottles of popular soft drinks are a good option that breaks up the monotony of bars and little treats.

  1. Baked Goods

If you live in a small neighborhood, or a place where everyone knows each other, cookies, or any other baked goods that can be eaten entirely by hand, are a good option. You can be really festive with them. Just, maybe have a backup, as you’re likely to run out very fast unless you’re a prolific baker.

  1. Caramel Apples

As normal fruit goes, this is an acceptable choice, as its literally covered in melted candy. Also, in the same vein, offering some kind of apple bobbing is a more ambitious option, but it’s not a bad one if you want to really have a party of it.

In short: be creative! Be ambitious! For a kid, adventures and Halloween sweets will be a fond memory they look back on—so, if you can, help make those kinds of memories for the next generation.