Top 5 Video Games To Cosplay

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Especially recently, it’s been a great time to get into video games and play some of your favorites. But, for cosplayers, there may be even more to do. Video game characters, by the nature of design, often have amazing outfits. So, with that idea in mind, let’s go over five video games/franchises with amazing looking heroes, villains, and NPCs.

Soulsborne Games:

Video Games

For the more horror-loving of our cosplaying readers, there’s nothing quite like the twisted, angular, and dangerous-looking monsters of the Soulsborne series. The Hunter is also a fun choice. Who doesn’t like wearing a big cloak and hat? With Lovecraftian horrors like these, trying to emulate the more fantastical creatures is a fun challenge, much like the games themselves.


Video Games

Already a classic and popular choice for a reason, Overwatch has a lot of stunning options for all body types and styles. Are you interested in a lot of foam? Then you can be D. Va with her suit included. Want to make a really big fake weapon? There’re a few options, but you could give Reinhart a gander. There’s McCree for the cowboy fans and Reaper for the goth in all of us. There are just so many great options.

Street Fighter/Mortal Combat/Any Fighting Games:

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What is a fighting game without colorful and varied fighters? I couldn’t pick just one for this, so it’s more based on what appeals. If you happen to be able to do some minor physical feats like splits or karate moves, then you can even further get into your character.

The Last of Us:

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The main characters have great designs, especially for cosplayers who don’t want to lug around larger suits, but, for the challenge, there’s no better pick than Clickers or Bloaters. The prosthetics alone to look like they do is a fun challenge. If you want to go all out, try being a Rat King from the sequel.

DOOM Eternal:

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The demons of DOOM are wild-looking creatures and can be attempted in all sorts of ways. But, for those of us who don’t mind wearing an entire suit of armor, there’s no better option to feel powerful, imposing, and ready to take on Hell than Doomguy himself.

There are so many video games to choose from that there’s no way we could even fit them on a top twenty list, but we hope these five sparks some excitement and interest in taking characters from the world of video games and bringing them to glorious life.