Comic-Con Whenever You Want!

Comic Con

Comic-Con Is Finally Here, If A Little Different Than Before

The recent global pandemic may have shut down in-person conventions, but that will not stop nerds from getting together—so to speak—to discuss these wonderful hobbies and passions of ours.

It certainly will not stop the illustrious Comic-Con!

And it didn’t.

Professionals and creatives of all stripes recorded panels on a myriad of topics. They can be enjoyed at your leisure.

Up for viewing, there’s a video from the head designer of Magic: The Gathering, team members behind Invader Zim, and a panel going over the unreleased The Walking Dead episode: “A Certain Doom.”  If that doesn’t meet your taste, there are many, many other panels like ones for Dragon Prince, Bill & Ted Face the Music, and Power Rangers (yes, really.)

So, whenever you have a few free hours or even just a lunch break in need of some entertainment, go over to Comic-Con’s YouTube channel and settle in for some fun.]