How To Cosplay During COVID


For the time being, there are no cons. No meetups; no expos. For cosplayers, the hobby they so love is currently being inhibited—but it’s not dead. No, cosplay shall rise again.

But, in the meantime, should you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands and want to keep doing your favorite hobby, then I have a few suggestions on how to cosplay during COVID-19

Social Media

For those cosplayers that do it for the love of seeing others enjoy their creations: now’s the time for social media. People need entertainment, and they need it badly. Showing off your costumes and maybe even doing livestreams of you making them is a great way to share your art even when you can’t physically be there. Everything’s being done remotely: cosplay doesn’t have to be any different.

Costume Party

For those of you that are stuck inside with other people, whether they be roommates, family, or even those just stuck with pets—it might be time to share the joy of your hobby with them. Make them costumes or invite them to help you build something. If you have any family members who are really into sewing, this is the perfect time to bond.


Conventions are going to come back, and you can be ready for them. Make multiple costumes. Once cons return, you can have a different costume for each event, deck out all your friends, and have backups in case of disaster. For those of us without work, there’s plenty of time on hand for making art. This is the perfect opportunity to churn out as many projects that you have the energy and materials to do. No sense in wasting the time, after all.

And that’s just a few ideas. Shutdown doesn’t mean no more hobbies, it just means creative solutions to doing them.