The Joy Of Costume Builders And Buyers


Cosplay lets someone express themselves through a character. And, though there’s a lot to be impressed about with handmade costumes, there’s no shame in purchasing things to cosplay.

Making a whole outfit is an endeavor. It’s hard work and can be expensive. It does not make someone an undedicated fan if they cannot find the time.

Not everyone can spend ten days sewing for the sake of an amazing costume. Those people—if you’re one—are impressive, but, for those without the time: moms and college students and busy people all over, there’s a lot you can do on the cheap.

A little creativity, and some shipping time later, and you can assemble something that’s still got a lot of thought put into it. Still can make you feel powerful and magical and like you are that character.

Whatever way you do it, you’re still cosplaying.

And that’s always awesome.