A Quick Halloween Safety Guide For Spooky Fun


It’s almost time to unleash your costume of terror or mystique or power on Halloween—but, before you go, let’s go over a few things to keep in mind this Halloween. Because being scared and being scary is only fun when you’re not really in any danger.

1. Weapons:

Trust me, I love fake swords or wooden staves for weapons, and having little battles is all well and good—if you don’t, you know, really try to hit someone. Foam is softer than plastic, but even foam can hurt if you smack someone with it hard enough. So, just be careful and considerate of who you duel with tonight.

2. Candy:

The whole stigma about someone doing something to candies is a little fear-mongering, but, still, don’t just blindly eat candy. If you know what you’re doing, there’s plenty of candy to be had—just toss anything that’s got visual damage to it. Exposed hard candies stick to stuff anyway.

3. Scaring:

Scaring someone is a lot like comedy, it’s different for each person. Some people won’t mind being jumped at suddenly or pranked—and some will not appreciate it in the slightest. Similarly, fake blood and plastic gore can be a lot more intense than simply spooky voices or ghoulish masks, and, depending on the age of the person, it’s not recommended to startle little kids. While scaring people can be fun, make sure it’s fun for everyone.

5. Groups:

If you’re trick-or-treating while the sun is down, as it should be, it’s not impossible for people to get lost. With everyone now having cell phones, this is a lot less of a problem, but, still, have a place for someone to go if they get separated from the group, and, unless you’re still secretly nearby, don’t leave someone alone to scare them. In the dark, people can trip or get hurt easier and might have trouble getting help if left alone.

Now, Halloween is a blast, that’s for sure. The costumes, the candy, the decorations, the parties, and simply the macabre aesthetic, but, even if you are in a ghoulish mood, be considerate of everyone, and everyone can have a frightfully great day.