The Cool Cosplayer Catalogue: Kamui Cosplay

Cool Cosplayer Catalogue

What Kamui Cosplay Can Make With Foam Is Just Astonishing

The internet is full of unique and talented people—artists, creators, and comedians everywhere. And, wouldn’t you know it, many of them like to cosplay.

So, in an ongoing series, we’ll be looking at some of these people and highlighting their amazing videos, creations, or other cosplay triumphs. Their content will be a great place to dip your toes in if you’re just starting cosplaying.

Today, we’ll be looking at Kamui Cosplay. Svetlana and Benni Quindt are a couple from Germany, with Svetlana usually in front of the camera. They do YouTube, costume creation, cosplaying, and even have several guidebooks for sale on their site.

Oh, and, bonus, they have an adorable corgi.

Their channel shows off some of her cosplays—which are top tier—but also has a lot of guides. They have detailed videos if you want to work with foam to make armor, weapons, and masks.

Kamui Cosplay shows you can find an audience with a lot of creativity. And if you like larger-than-life cosplays, join that audience.

And when you’re done binging all their videos, come back next month.

We’ve only just begun to explore.