What Was It Like At Clearwater Comic Con?

Clearwater Comic Con

Clearwater Comic Con Was Packed With Lots of All-Ages Fun

What’s cooler than a convention? How about a free-to-enter convention! On March 5th, The Clearwater Public Library System and Clearwater Parks & Recreation Department sponsored Clearwater Comic Con in the Ross Norton Recreation Center. It had a ton of merchants and was a blast to attend.

I got to spend an hour or so walking around. For a relatively small convention, it was an impressive showing. The cosplaying was on-point, with some elaborate Star Wars outfits.

Merch was, as expected, extremely prevalent. Tee-shirts, knick-knacks, pins, the works. The ever-present Pop Figure brand made itself known and a video game demo for an upcoming project was in the back corner. But the main theme—if a general con can be said to have one—was illustrations and visual media. Several illustrators sold their wares and comic artists displayed huge stands.

And what was especially cool about the comics was how many indie artists and small shops were there. Multiple horror comic artists had stuff for sale. I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of Fierce Comics’ devilish Hearseload Horrors, and two gorgeous (and gory) comics from Second Sight Publishing

It was a delightful microcosm of the con experience. Fit for all ages and organized well. It’s something I’ll be looking forward to next year. Though there are bigger cons, sometimes it’s better going where you can stop and talk to each vendor and see everything without wearing out your feet.