Bamware: Journey To Launch 3

Our Goddess of Quality has tested our shirts for wash and wear! Here’s her take.

Positive Test

Shirt was washed with no lingerie bag, inside-out with two other black garments – dryer test 5 min on high – removed – placed and shaped while on hanger and should be ready to wear in about an hour (I needed my POW shirt quickly).  Something to note for when client’s may ask, for a quick method while saying, it is best to follow care instructions on shirt.

Woot! They wash and wear well! This 5 minutes in the dryer to speed up drying could be a life saver if you need your shirt in a hurry. BUT, as she says, don’t do it too often as we don’t know how it affects the stones over time. Best to follow the care instructions for normal care. But if you’re in a hurry once in a while, this is an option.

POW Shirt Speed Dry Test Results

One of our lead designers needed her POW shirt right away.