Bamware: Journey to Launch 1

Follow us on our journey as we prepare to launch our new line of cosplay and hero-themed fashion.

Every time I do anything related to launching Bamware, I think to myself, “Wow! If people only knew what we’re going through and how hard we’re working to make this line a reality.” Then I thought, “Maybe they would like to know.” So I’ve decided to document as best I can, time permitting, at least some of the highlights in bringing Bamware to life. We’ll see if anyone likes it. <fingers crossed>

I’d love it if it grew to be like a regular thing with pics of shipments arriving, new styles posted for people to say which ones we should make, etc. What do you think? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Here we go.


So last night I stayed up ’till 6am working on the website. I think it’s really coming along.

Today and tomorrow we’re getting together contest prizes and themes with the hope of launching our first contest next week. The prizes are REALLY looking good. So good I kind of want to keep some 😉 but… fans come first.

Next week it’s:

Selecting the launch styles for our sunglasses line

Designing 2 more t-shirts and sending the artwork to our manufacturer

Completing the website contest entry pages

Settling on our contest management software (MANY hours invested in researching this)

Launching contest #1 <nail biting>

Whew! That’s a lot.

See you next post. Until then, do something heroic!